How To

Create a Bug Free Garden

Getting rid of all the nasties in your garden early, will let you enjoy your garden this spring and give you time to focus on the fun side of gardening!

  1. Control weeds with Yates Zero weed killer. Available in ready to use or concentrate packs, Yates Zero kills weeds totally and leaves no residues in the soil so you can re-plant as soon as weeds have died.
  2. For longer term (up to one year) weed control on paths, driveways, paved areas and tennis courts use DAS Long Term Weedkiller. It kills existing weeds and stops weeds from growing for up to twelve months, DAS Long Term Weedkiller must be used with care. Remember – nothing will grow in the treated area for up to twelve months!
  3. *Spray with Rose Gun or Yates Bug Oil to protect plants from a wide range of insect pests (such as aphids and mealybugs).
  4. Get rid of snails and slugs with Yates Blitzem pellets. It attracts and kills snails and slugs. Use sparingly – it only takes a few pellets to do the job! Remember, cooler nights bring out the snails and slugs that can demolish young plants overnight.

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