Autumn Gardening Tips

Autumn Gardening Tips

After a long hot summer, we’ll start to welcome some cooler temperatures during the first month of autumn and the opportunity to grow and enjoy a wonderful new season of plants.


In The Autumn Vegie Patch

There are lots of tasty vegies you can plant in March. Two favourites are garlic and kale - find out where to plant them and how to care for them.

March Lawn Makeover

Need a new lawn? Your tips to a complete lawn from seed makeover starting with picking the right lawn seed to weed control and soil preparation.

Autumn Citrus Care

How to look after your citrus this autumn: mandarins, oranges, lemons, limes and grapefruit. Plus, tips to combat common citrus pests.

Autumn Blooms

It's time to start thinking about spring and planting flowering bulbs like jonquils, hyacinths and freesias or sow foxgloves and hollyhock seeds.


Autumn Vegie Patch

April is a fantastic time to breathe life into your soil and fill your vegie patch with tasty vegies and herbs that you can enjoy over the cooler months.

Autumn Fruit

Check out what's fruiting in your orchard this April with our citrus care plan, including disease prevention...and how to grow your own gourmet quinces!

April Lawn Care Plan

Tips to keep your lawn looking fantastic during autumn, by undoing any summer damage, weeding, feeding and preventing lawn diseases bought on by rainfall while the temperature is still mild.

April Blooms

So much colour! Plant in pots or find room in your garden during autumn for beautiful sweet peas, Flanders poppies and dramatic foliage plants.



If you're passionate about passionfruit, enjoy Earl Grey tea or freshly picked apples from your own yard, then here's the guide for you!

Festival of Flowers

Autumn is the perfect time to plan your late winter and spring flower show and how to keep your chrysanthemums from Mother’s Day thriving.

It’s Easy Being Green!

Late autumn is still a fabulous opportunity to sow and grow so many delicious vegies such as silverbeet and broad beans. It’s time to get growing!

Prepare Your Lawn for Winter

As soil temperatures cool, lawns slow down. Find out how to settle down your lawn this month, for a flying start in spring!