Summer Gardening Tips

Summer Gardening Tips

During the hectic festive and school holiday summer months take some time out in your garden to enjoy, refresh and regroup. Being and working in a garden is good for your soul!


Summer Fruit!

Look here for tips on looking after your fruit this month to keep them heathy and maximise productivity of delicious crops over the summer months.

Festival Colour

There is nothing more festive than colour, especially coming up to Christmas! Check out these tips on how to bring some merry seasonal tones to your garden.

Summer Vegie Patch

A little bit of planning and regular seed sowing can keep you and your family (and maybe the neighbours as well!) in fresh vegies & herbs for months.

Sizzling Summer Lawn Care

Here are three summer lawn care tips to help you create a beautiful lush, green lawn for all those parties and games over summer.


Delicious Herbs, Vegies & More

There are lots of tasty vegetables and fragrant herbs you can plant in January including Basil, Chives, Radish and Lettuce. What to plant and where.

Caring for Your Fruiting Plants

Fruit trees require extra care over summer. Read more to learn what to do with peaches, passionfruit and potted fruit trees and how to treat sooty citrus.

Summer Rose Care

Pruning your roses in summer can give you a second flush of blooms in Autumn. Read more to learn about how to prune and protect your roses this summer.


Heavenly Harvest

It's harvest time – but for some crops it can be difficult to tell when it's ready. Here are some tips on how to tell when your vegies are ready to pick.

Flowery Dreaming

Flowers add beautiful vibrance and colour to any garden. Read more to learn how to look after them to keep them flowering for longer.

Your Summer Vegie Patch

Bring bountiful brassicas from your garden to your plate! All sorts of delicious cabbages, Kohl Rabi and more.

Stop the Creeping Weeds

Learn how to control weeds (before they flower and set seed) that have crept into your lawn while it has been stressed over the hot dry summer months.