If you love sweet fresh strawberries or enjoy a strawberry cheesecake, pavlova or trifles, it’s time to grow this delicious fruit at your place.

Strawberry crowns, runners or potted strawberries can be planted during July in cool and temperate areas.

Growing Tips:

  • Find a sunny, well drained spot in the garden and mix some Yates Thrive Natural Blood Bone with Seaweed into the soil. This will help improve the soil quality and provide gentle organic nutrients to the strawberry plants as they establish.

  • Strawberries are also perfect for growing in pots, hanging baskets, special strawberry pots and troughs.

  • Keep the new strawberry plants well-watered as they settle in and once new growth emerges, start feeding each week with a complete plant food like Yates Thrive Strawberry Berry Fruit Liquid Plant Food, to promote healthy green leaf growth and lots of juicy berries.

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