Winter roses

You can add gorgeous winter colour into low light areas in your garden with hellebores. Also known as ‘winter roses’, they are perfect for growing in full to partly shaded spots such as underneath the canopies of trees or in a pot on a shady patio.

They are a delight during the cooler months of the year, putting on a prolific display of large, bell shaped flowers right throughout winter and into early spring.

Hellebore ‘Ruby Daydream’ (pictured right) is a spectacular hellebore from Living Fashion. It has stunning dark claret blooms that sit above the foliage.

Growing to around 50 cm high and 60 cm wide it flowers for many months and looks wonderful when massed planted in a shady garden bed. Despite having a delicate appearance, it’s a hardy plant that is both dry and frost tolerant.

'Ruby Daydream' can also be planted in a container, creating a beautiful outdoor table centrepiece or winter courtyard focal point. Potted hellebores can also be brought indoors for a few days at a time to show off their flowers.

Growing Tips:

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