The Blooms Are Coming!

Whether you’ve just planted a new rose during Winter or have had a favourite rose (or two) in your garden for years, Spring is the time to set roses up for a fantastic season of healthy growth and masses of flowers.

Here’s your easy Spring rose care plan:

1. Aphid control-
Aphids are one of the main pests to look out for on young rose leaf growth and also flower buds. Aphids can occur in their dozens (or hundreds!) and feast on the delicious sweet rose sap.

Left unchecked, aphids deplete roses of valuable nutrients and plant sugars as well as causing new leaves to deform. Aphids can also transmit plant viruses. So, it’s important to control aphids in Spring before they do too much damage.

Applying Yates Rose Gun Spray Ready to Use over new rose foliage and flower buds every two weeks will help keep aphids under control and roses healthy and protected.

2. Spring soil improvement-
Sprinkle some Yates Dynamic Lifter Organic Plant Food around each rose and then apply a layer of mulch (keep mulch a few centimetres away from the stem).

Yates® Dynamic Lifter® contains a rich blend of composted chicken manure boosted with the goodness of blood and bone, fishmeal and seaweed and is a fantastic soil improver.

3. Spring feeding-
Feed roses each week with Yates Thrive Roses Flowers Liquid Plant Food, which is a specially formulated rose food that’s fortified with additional potassium to encourage lots of gorgeous flowers.

Yates® Dynamic Lifter® and Yates® Thrive® – it’s the perfect soil improvement and feeding partnership for your roses!

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