If your lawn is looking a little Winter weary, then Spring is a fantastic opportunity to bring it back to its lush green best.

Here are three simple Spring lawn care steps you can do to take your lawn from drab to fab:

1. Repair the bare patches

Bare spots in lawns can be because of many different factors, including lawn insect pests, diseases and wear and tear from kids and pets. Weeds are opportunistic and will quickly invade bare patches in the lawn if you don’t repair them.

Early Spring is a great time for lawn repair as new grass seedlings will be able to establish before the hot weather arrives.

Remove any dead grass and gently cultivate and loosen the soil in the bare patch. Spread a 3 mm layer of 4 in 1 Yates Easy Patch Lawn Repair over the area and water in thoroughly.

Yates Easy Patch Lawn Repair contains a special combination of fast germinating and hardy lawn seed, professional grade-controlled release fertiliser, premium wetting agent and coconut fibre to help fill the bare spot with thick, strong and long-lasting grass. Water the patch regularly while the new grass establishes.

2. Feeding

It takes a lot of energy for lawns to grow the thick, deep green growth that is beautiful to walk and play on and help create a fantastic looking front and back yard. We also mow lawns constantly throughout the warmer seasons, which removes lots of nutrients from the soil.

Regular feeding with an organic lawn food like Yates Dynamic Lifter Organic Lawn Food not only helps improve the organic matter content and health of the soil but is also a source of gentle slow release nutrients to promote a lovely green lawn.

3. Weed Control

Clover is a very vigorous lawn weed and its dense foliage can quickly smother lawns. Lawn grass trying to grow underneath and within patches of clover will really suffer from lack of light, water and nutrients.

Onehunga weed is a significant problem for backyards (and kid’s feet and pet paws!). It’s a small ferny rosette shaped weed and it produces very prickly spined flower heads that result in the lawn ouch factor. Onehunga weed needs to be controlled in early Spring before it has a chance to grow its nasty prickles.

Yate  Weed n Feed Double Action Hose on is an easy to use, hose-on pack for control of clover and onehunga weed in your lawn, as well as other broadleaf weeds like dandelion and thistles.

Yates® Weed’n’Feed® also contains added nitrogen and iron to promote a lush, deep green lawn, phosphorus for strong root development and potassium to encourage disease resistance. A 2L pack of hose-on Yates Weed’n’Feed will control weeds in 130 m2 of lawn and a 4L pack will treat a large 260 m2 lawn.

Yates Weed n Feed Double Action Concentrate, which treats 65 m2 of lawn. Like hose-on Yates Weed n Feed, it selectively controls the most common broadleaf weeds in lawns and contains nitrogen and iron to promote a lush deep green lawn and also includes wetting agent for improved spray coverage and leaf penetration.

It’s ideal for gardeners with smaller lawn areas or where hose access is difficult. It can be applied with a watering can or garden sprayer.

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