These neat, small-growing plants are not particularly fussy about conditions, but will always maintain a better profile if they’re given a light haircut after flowering.


Citrus grafted onto dwarf rootstocks grow well in pots. Their glossy leaves are green year round, the flowers have a delightful fragrance, and the fruits are decorative. In Asia, potted citrus are given as ‘good luck’ tokens at New Year.

New Zealand Christmas Bush

Almost unkillable (but no heavy frosts, please) and, if you’re lucky, you’ll get a good show of red blooms at Christmas. The pretty, variegated form is notoriously reluctant to flower.


There are hundreds of grevillea species around but G. juniperina, G. intricata and G. ‘Robyn Gordon’ are particularly attractive. 


Renowned for their hardiness and their small, neat leaves, box plants are very popular for topiary work. Begin clipping when the plant is young to maintain a dense foliage cover.



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