What should your essential gardening tool kit look like? Here are our top five ideas for the best tools that will make gardening at your place a lot easier.

  1. Digging spade – Whether you’re planting new trees and shrubs or mixing Yates Dynamic Lifter Organic Plant Food into the vegie patch, a quality digging spade is a must. 
  2. Soil drill - Planting up a garden bed with fresh seasonal colour can require a lot of back-breaking bending and digging. Using a soil drill, like Fiskars QuikDrill™, you can create multiple planting holes without bending. It has a dual cutting action with two optimally angled and sharpened blades to create a neat 150 mm diameter hole and the steel tube shaft is reinforced for maximum strength. 
  3. Secateurs – Trimming and pruning are some of the most common garden tasks, whether it’s giving roses a winter prune, removing dead stems and small branches or taming wayward plants. Repetitive pruning can be tiring so using quality secateurs is key to reducing strain and effort.
  4. Loppers – Are your pruning needs a little more heavy-duty? If you have larger branches to remove, then look for a bypass lopper. The curved lower and bypass blades make for easy catching of branches and a clean cut. 
  5. Raking – A rake has multiple handy uses in the garden, from collecting prunings and raking loose grass to preparing and levelling soil in garden beds and new lawn areas. 

Just a few cleverly designed tools can make light work of some common garden tasks, so you’ll spend less time and energy working and more time enjoying!

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