1. Do you know why plants are green? It’s because they have chlorophyll, which helps them make their food. Everything that has chlorophyll in it is green.  
  2. Photosynthesis is a chemical process that takes place in a leaf’s cell. Sunlight mixes with water, soil nutrients and carbon dioxide to make food for the plant. 
  3. Soil with lots of worms in it doesn’t flood easily after heavy rain because the water drains away thanks to all the worm holes.  
  4. Plants can drown if there’s no air in the soil.
  5. One teaspoonful of good soil holds more than one million living things. 
  6. Have you met an oligochaetologist? That’s another name for a worm expert! 
  7. How can a little grub get inside your apple? The codling moth lays eggs on the tiny, unripe fruit. When the apple develops, the grub burrows inside and lives happily in the apple as it grows – until you take a bite. Ewww! 
  8. Ever wondered why the caterpillar of the cabbage white butterfly is green? It’s because it makes it harder for the birds to see them on the green leaves.