Create lawn envy with these handy tips


Strengthen the lawn for winter by feeding lawns now. In warm areas it boosts growth keeping the lawn greener for longer during winter. Where it’s cooler, cool season grass varieties are just beginning their growing season, so they’ll appreciate some feeding too.


Why? to encourage air , water and fertiliser down to the grass roots. Weedy lawns are often a sign of compaction. Go over the lawn with the garden fork, using the tines as spikes. For larger lawns mechanical lawn aerators are available to hire.


Selectively control broadleaf weeds using Yates Weed’n’Feed, which is safe to use on most lawn types. It controls bindii, clover and other common lawn weeds and is boosted with nitrogen and iron to encourage healthy green growth, phosphorus for strong root growth and potassium to promote disease resistance. The handy hose on 2 litre pack treats 130m2 of lawn.


Autumn is an ideal time to feed lawns as the weather is mild and the soil is still warm enough to facilitate grass growth. Yates Lawn Master is a professional grade, slow release granular lawn fertiliser designed to feed your lawn continuously for up to 12 weeks. Raising the cutting height of the mower a notch or two is suggested, to allow the grass to grow a little higher over autumn.

Spot weeding

If you have a small lawn with just a few weeds to control, keep Yates Turfix Gun handy. It’s an easy to use trigger pack to control onehunga (prickle) weed, clover, dandelion and many broadleaf weeds in lawns.

Planning a lawn?

Autumn is an ideal time to start a new lawn from seed or in warm areas to lay turf. Here are some tips on how to best prepare your turf.


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