Understanding Weedkillers


October is weed month and, with spring now well established, weeds are appearing all over the place. The first and simplest way to deal with weeds is to dig them out. Sometimes, though, the problem’s so bad you need to resort to a weedkiller or, to use the technical term, a herbicide. Because different herbicides have different uses, it’s important to choose the right one for your purpose.

Selective Weedkillers For Lawns

Selective weedkillers remove one type of plant from another and are mostly used to get rid of weeds from a lawn. These weedkillers work by targeting the botanical differences between broad leaf (non-grass) weeds and the lawn grasses. Here are some examples:

With all these selective weedkillers, it’s important to follow the instructions, which include applying the product over the designated area. Apply too much and you can damage the grass. Too little won’t do the job.

Non-Selective Weedkillers

These are total weedkillers that kill every plant they contact. Clearly, this means that they can’t be applied to lawns and must be used with extra care.

Yates Zero is a glyphosate-based, total weedkiller. Zero’s available in a number of different sizes and can be purchased as a concentrate or a ready to use. The Yates Zero Weedkiller Super Concentrate is particularly economical because of its strength (490 grams per litre), which means it goes a lot further when it’s mixed. When treating difficult weeds like gorse, add some Zero Pulse Penetrant to enhance the uptake of the weedkiller.

Glyphosate works by disrupting the plant’s growth and travels through the plant’s system and down to the roots before killing the plant. Depending on growing conditions, this can take some time so, for faster results, you can use the Zero Rapid 1 Hour that comes in either a ready to use trigger pack or, for larger gardens (and more weeds), the new 500mL, 1L or 3L concentrates.

After spraying Zero the area can be re-planted although it’s best to leave the weeds to die down undisturbed.

Another type of total weedkiller in the Yates range is called Path Weed Spray. This ready to use product leaves a residue that stops new plants from growing for up to twelve months. DAS is a concentrate that does the same long term job. These are obviously not the products to use in garden beds or anywhere you want plants to grow, but they’re ideal for paths, driveways, courtyards and areas like tennis courts.


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