21-28 October 2019

Colour your world – or even just your neighbourhood! In 2019 the call went out to New Zealanders to bring back flowers, and create a riot of colour in gardens over National Gardening Week.

Flowers are not just decorative. They provide food for the bees and butterflies. They taste good in salads and teas and for centuries, flowers have been used to heal.

To kickstart National Gardening week we encouraged you all to flower bomb your garden – or an area in your local neighbourhood that needed a splash of colour.  Yates lent a hand by giving away thousands of flower seeds.


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During National Gardening Week 2019 one of the highlights was National Nude Gardening Day (held Sat 26th October 2019). 

Many were brave enough to strip off and get some sun on their bums!

The NZ Naturist Federation moved the national day to fall within National Gardening Week in 2018 as an October outing was more attractive than chilly May, which is when the day is marked in the Northern Hemisphere.

President of the NZ Naturist Federation, Wendy Lowe, said “Getting out in the garden with your gear off is a wonderful feeling.  This National Gardening Week the call is out to plant flowers and we’ll be in the garden tending our blooms and planting lots of colourful, bee and butterfly friendly flowers.”

Although Fiona Arthur from Yates said choose your activities carefully on National Nude Gardening Day.

“Perhaps don’t plant roses or re-pot your cacti, be careful with power tools and don’t forget to protect your delicate bits with sunscreen,” said Ms Arthur.  “Other than that, your garden is your glory and we hope people will take the opportunity to splash around some colour and plant lots of flowers.  They’re good for the bees and butterflies, some are great to eat and of course, they’re wonderful to pick and enjoy indoors.  Clothing is optional!