Asparagus aethiopicus

What is Bushy Asparagus?

A perennial groundcover plant with sprawling wiry stems to 2 metres long arising from underground rhizomes. The small flat needle-like leaves are arranged in clusters of 2-5, 15-25mm long by 2-3mm wide. Small spines may be present in the leaf axils. Tiny (3-4mm long) white to pinkish flowers are followed by bright red berries 5-8mm across. It can cover the ground, smothering other plants and competing for soil moisture with its dense root mat. It is quite difficult to eradicate.

Sometimes Bushy Asparagus is confused with Foxtail Fern (Asparagus aethopicus ‘Meyersii’) which isn't currently a problem weed in NZ. Foxtail fern has upright bushy stems, whereas Bushy Asparagus has more rambling stems, branching near the tips. 

How to protect your plants

Seedlings and small plants can be pulled out by hand. Larger plants can be dug out ensuring that the entire root system is removed.

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