New Zealand's bestselling and most trusted gardening guide revised and updated, the 79th edition is a must-have for keen beginners and green thumbs alike. Covering everything today's gardener wants to know, whether you garden is on a tiny balcony or in a big backyard. Fully illustrated, this book contains everything you need to know about growing trees, shrubs, vines, flowers, vegetables, herbs and fruit. Including new ideas for today's gardeners - such as adding hens to your backyard, establishing a community garden, encouraging bees in the garden, growing microgreens. Plus Yates Garden Guide 79th Edition also retains all its tried-and-true features.

The Yates business was founded by Arthur Yates in 1883. In 1895, Arthur saw the need for a publication that answered gardeners' questions so he wrote the first Yates Garden Guide, a comprehensive gardening book that is still published more than 124 years later.


  • Yates Garden Guide is New Zealand's bestselling gardening bible
  • The new edition is a must-have for keen beginners or old hands alike, covering everything today’s gardener wants to know, from creating stylish outdoor spaces to growing your own produce and so much more
  • There are useful problem-solving charts to help you identify and deal with pests and diseases, and chapters on planning and preparing a range of styles, from enticing entertainment spaces to organic, low-allergen and water-saving gardens

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