Yates Top 50 Indoor Plants and How Not to Kill Them! covers 50 of the most popular indoor plants, where in your home they’re suited to and tips on watering, feeding and how to pot them up. Indoor plants are making a brilliant comeback into people’s homes and are now super trendy and must have additions into interior spaces.

Indoor plants are a fantastic way to help bring the outdoors in and enable people with limited space to garden. Plants also have the clever ability to help remove toxins from the air and can bring a sense of calm into our busy lives. There are indoor plants for almost every space around your home, whether it’s a humid bathroom, a dark bedroom or a tiny shelf, as well as plants with colourful foliage or beautiful flowers. 


  • To help keep indoor plants healthy and flourishing, it’s important to know where they prefer to grow and how to care for them
  • There’s also handy information on propagation, pest and disease control, general trouble shooting and lots of gorgeous and inspirational photos
  • Written by Yates’ horticulturist, Angie Thomas, it’s the perfect introduction to successfully growing lots of healthy lush indoor plants

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