Yates Nature’s Way Compost Maker turns garden and kitchen waste into rich, nutritious compost – fast! It contains biological accelerators (enzymes and bacteria), which assist in speeding up decomposition of composting materials and help reduce compost odours. Basically, the enzymes break down the protein, starch, cellulose and fat in the compost into smaller components, which can then be more easily processed by the bacteria.

Compost is an invaluable material for enriching and improving garden soil. When dug into the garden (or used as mulch), compost improves soil structure by increasing the aeration, moisture-holding ability and biological processes within the soil. It also helps to replenish soil nutrients. Composting enables household and garden waste to be recycled usefully and reduces waste in landfills.


  • 100% natural
  • Contains biological accelerators
  • Speeds up composting process
  • Premium wetting agent included to assist water penetration of compacted soils
  • Added nitrogen, potassium and trace elements to promote healthy new growth
  • Added phosphorus to improve root development
  • Suitable for all lawn types

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