Yates Thrive Natural Sulphate of Potash is a certified organic garden input. Boosted with New Zealand seaweed to encourage the development of larger, more abundant flowers and fruit. Seaweed also encourages a strong, healthy root system and improved plant resistance to environmental stress. Developed for use on all garden plants and lawns.


  • Natural flower and fruit booster - a natural source of potassium (K) to encourage a larger and tastier fruit crop and more abundant flowers.
  • Natural source of sulfur - an essential nutrient for healthy plant growth
  • Naturally strengthens plants - adding potassium to the soil helps to strengthen plant cell walls, building stronger stems for plants and improving resistance to environmental stress
  • Sustainably harvested NZ seaweed
  • A stronger root system leads to a healthier and more productive plant
  • Certified organic input by BioGro NZ

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