Slow Release

Yates Lawn Master

Yates Lawn Master is a professional grade, slow release lawn fertiliser designed to give you a strong, green and healthy lawn. Each fine granule releases an equal level of nutrients so you achieve a consistent result and avoid surge growth and burning while minimising nutrient runoff and leaching.


  • One application feeds continuously for 12 weeks, giving you a thicker lawn that resists weed invasion and has a deeper root system.
  • Rapid visible results, improved colour.
  • Together with slow release nitrogen minimises risk of nutrient loss into the environment.

Directions for use

When to Apply

Apply any time of year, during periods of active growth. For best results we recommend application in early spring, early summer and early autumn.

Application Rate

Apply at a rate of 18g/m2. Note: one adult handful contains approximately 50g.

How to Apply

Calculate lawn size and required amount of Lawn Master. For hand application apply to lawn evenly at the recommended rate. Using a sweeping arc motion, spread half the amount required walking in a north-south direction, and the remainder in an east-west direction. To cover large areas use a lawn fertiliser spreader. Lawn Master does not need to be watered in immediately when applied to dry foliage. Ideally apply before forecast rainfall, or water in well to activate product.

Handy Tips

Mow lawn before application. Do not mow until granules have been thoroughly watered in. During summer, if feeding a cool climate lawn such as Bent or Fescue, use half recommended rate.


Will stain hard surfaces. Ensure hard surfaces are dry before application. Sweep product off driveways and paths immediately after application.

DO NOT APPLY when temperatures are expected to exceed 30ºC or when soil is dry and lawn is suffering from moisture stress.

Not recommended for new lawns or lawns less than 8 weeks old. Use a starter fertiliser such as Yates Dynamic Lifter Organic Lawn Food.

Not to be used for garden beds or potted plants.



When applying by hand wear gloves to avoid contact with skin. Avoid contact with eyes. If contact occurs, flush eyes with water immediately for 15 minutes. If swallowed, rinse mouth with water
and give water to drink. Seek medical advice.

Material Safety Data Sheet

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