What's not to love about growing Cacti & Succulents? They thrive with minimal care and come in such an array of colours, shapes & sizes. Warning - they can become addictive!

Yates Thrive Cacti & Succulent Mix is ideal for succulents such as aloes, cacti, senecio (E.g. string of pearls), jade plants, echeverias, sedums (E.g. donkey's tail), and sempervirens to name just a few.

This is a special blend of bark, organic matter and pumice for a fast free-draining growing mix. Contains N16: P4: 4 : K8.3 balanced fertiliser which gradually releases soluble plant food for up to 12 months.

Bio-Stimulent (beneficial bacteria and fungi) for cacti & succulent root health. With Lime to optimise the pH of the potting mix and NZ seaweed to promote healthy root development, and to help improve the cacti & succulents resistance to pests. 


  • Gradual 12 month fertiliser.
  • Coarse sandy mix for fast drainage.
  • Bio-stimulant for plant and root health.
  • Suitable for indoor or outdoor cacti and succulents
  • Can be use in pots of garden beds 
  • Contains Trace Elements to support strong growth 
  • Calcium to assist building strong cell walls

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