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Yates Moss & Algae Killer Hose-On 1L

Yates Moss & Algae Killer Hose-on lawn & house spray.


  • Kills Moss, Lichen, Liverwort & Algae in lawns, on paving, roofs, brick, timber & other hard surfaces.
  • Yates Moss & Algae Killer works gently & gradually.
  • Simply spray it on, saturate the surface, and leave it to dry.
  • Visible results may take several weeks.


500 g/litre benzalkonium chloride in the form of a soluble concentrate

Directions for use

  • Apply until the treated area is thoroughly wet.
  • For lawns, ensure target area is well watered prior to application of product.
  • Good spray coverage is important.
  • Spray on and leave to dry for as long as possible.
  • For hard surfaces, spray until the treated area is thoroughly wet.
  • Remove very heavy infestations with a broom, stiff brush or high pressure hose after 48 hours, and re-apply.

Material Safety Data Sheet

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