Rats, Mice & Household Pests

Racumin Rat and Mouse Paste

Kills rats and mice. Baiting is necessary for at least two weeks to reduce rat and mouse numbers.


  • Reduced possibility of secondary poisoning to pets and wildlife.
  • Long term stability – does not crumble or go mouldy.
  • Specially formulated for increased taste appeal – rodents don’t develop bait shyness.
  • Very effective.
  • Easy to use baits that can be used indoors and outdoors.
  • Sachets can be used in the garage, under the house, in the roof and other areas where rats and mice are active.

How It Works

Coumatetralyl is an anti-coagulant which will control rats and mice. Rodents must feed several times in order to ingest a lethal dose.


0.375g/kg coumatetralyl in the form of a paste bait in a biodegradable paper sachet.

Directions for use

Place bait in infested areas under cover and inspect baits daily. Ensure baits are inaccessible to children, pets, domestic animals or wildlife. The use of bait stations is highly recommended. If the paste is eaten quickly then the number of baits should be increased. Continue observation and replenishment until no more paste is being consumed. Baiting for a least two weeks is necessary to reduce rat and mice numbers. Where practical, all alternative food sources should be removed to achieve maximum efficiency.

Racumin Paste is specially designed to be used without tearing or opening the sachet.

As lethal effect is achieved with Racumin Paste by high palatability, not high toxicity, the risk of secondary poisoning to non-target animals is reduced.


Hazardous to children, pets, birds and wildlife. Place baits where they are inaccessible to children, animals or birds. Dispose of dead rodents safely. Do not use bait for any other purpose. Do not remove bait from the paper sachet.

If poisoning occurs, contact a doctor or National Poisons Centre (0800 764 766) immediately. If swallowed, and if more than 15 minutes from a hospital, induce vomiting, preferably using Ipecac Syrup APF. Vitamin K1 (Pytomenadione) is antidotal.

If consumed by animal, consult vet immediately, vitamin K1 is antidotal.

Material Safety Data Sheet

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