Pots & Saucers

Yates plastic pots provide you with stylish options in a range of designs and colours to suit your garden. Plastic pots are non porous and are much better for retaining water than terracotta& ceramic pots. Look for Yates Tuscan pots, hanging baskets and bowls, and Roman pots and enjoy potting in the garden.

Read More About: Tuscan Edge Round Pot

Tuscan Edge Round Pot

Yates Tuscan Pots have been designed by horticulturists to give plants the best growing conditions.

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Read More About: Tuscan Edge Square Pot

Tuscan Edge Square Pot

These pots have been designed with the twenty-first century homeowner very much in mind.

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Read More About: Yates Pot-a-Seal

Yates Pot-a-Seal

For sealing terracotta pots to reduce water loss.

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