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Tuscan Edge Square Pot

These pots have been designed with the twenty-first century homeowner very much in mind. The fashionable colours and styling of these exciting square pots will suit the most modern decor, indoors or out. And, while the ‘edge’ in the name describes the contrasting colour band that decorates the top of each pot, it could just as easily refer to their ‘edgy’ design.


  • Sleek, uncluttered lines that add to, rather than compete with, the beauty of the plants they contain.
  • Self-watering feature means no messy saucers to collect grubby water and breed unwanted pests.
  • Easily-accessed watering entry hole is covered with a discreet closure that clicks back into place once watering’s finished.
  • The reserve of moisture at the base of each Tuscan Edge pot helps prevent plants from drying out, substantially lengthening the period of time between waterings.
  • Made from UV-stabilised quality plastic (which means they last well outdoors)
  • Available in two fashion colours with contrasting trims – terracotta/charcoal-grey or olive/china.
Rating: 5.0

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Available in:

Terracotta/Charcoal Trim 400mm

Olive/China Trim 400mm