Special Purpose Potting Mix

Thrive Orchid Potting Mix

Special formulation with coarse bark to create an open, free draining mix required by orchids.


  • Special blend of coarse composted bark provides open and free drainage which is essential for orchids.
  • Controlled feeding for up to 4 months promotes healthy foliage growth and beautiful, long-lasting flowers.


Bark chips and peat nodules.


Health Warning. This product contains micro-organisms thatmay beharmful to your health. Avoid breathing dust or mists. Wear particulate mask if dusty. Wear gloves and keep product moist when handling. Wash hands immediately after use. Read detailed warning label on the bag.

Potting mixes and other types of growing media are made from organic materials and contain micro-organisms such as bacteria, fungi and protozoa. In some instances these can be harmful to your health so it is important when you are handling any type of potting mix that you follow the safety directions on the packaging. Some general rules are to avoid breathing in any dust or mist – wear a mask. Always wear gloves and wash your hands after use. Keep the potting mix moist whilst you are handling it.

For more information on safer and healthier gardening click here

Material Safety Data Sheet

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