Give your garden a whole lot more zest with Yates Nature’s Way Organic Citrus & Fruit Mix. This nutrient-rich versatile mix can be used for all types of fruit including citrus, limes and mandarins as well as grafted and dwarf varieties of fruit trees. It’s perfect for pots, garden beds or the backyard. You’ll be enjoying the fruits of your labour in no time at all.


Yates Nature’s Way Organic Citrus & Fruit Mix is enriched with local New Zealand sourced:

  • Seaweed to promote healthy root development and help improve plant resistance to pest, drought and frosts
  • Fish meal, naturally high in nitrogen, micronutrients, vitamins and amino acids to gently feed your plants and improve the soil
  • Blood & bone, a traditional organic slow release fertiliser for gentle, longer feeding. High in Nitrogen (N) and Phosphorus (P) for healthy leaf and root growth and organic calcium for stronger plants, fruit and flowers
  • Chicken manure, providing a boost of vital nutrients nitrogen (N), Phosphorus (P), Potassium (K), while enriching the soil
  • Trace elements to help prevent plant deficiencies
  • Zeolite helps to improve soil structure and nutrient holding capacity to feed your plants for longer

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