Parsley 'Italian Plain Leaf'

Italian Plain Leaf Parsley really lifts a dish, adding fresh zesty taste and vibrant green colour. With a better flavour than curled parsley, it’s a classic favourite for salads, soups, casseroles, and grilled meats. Use the stems for a bouquet garni, as they add even more flavour and aroma than the leaves.


Sun or part shade.


Raise in trays of Yates Seed Raising Mix or sow direct into garden position. Press seeds into Yates Seed Raising Mix. Firm down and keep moist.


Best grown in full sun to semi-shade. Add Thrive Granular All Purpose Fertiliser for best results. Keep well watered and apply Yates Thrive Soluble Fertiliser regularly. Break off flowering stems. Will grow well in pots. Protect from snails with Yates Blitzem.