Orange & Yellow

Orange fruits and vegetables- Beta carotene in carrots, sweet potatoes and pumpkin is converted to vitamin A, which helps maintain healthy eyes and improves immune system function.


Beans Dwarf 'Golden Wax II'

An easily grown and highly attractive variety that produces an abundance of long golden, tender pods.


Carrot 'Baby'

A superb, crisp, sweet variety.  Quick to grow, rich in Vitamin A and carotene.  Great for patios containers.


Carrot 'Early Chantenay'

This short rooted carrot is much favoured for its early maturity.


Carrot 'Egmont Gold'

A large superbly crunchy and vigorous variety.


Carrot 'Express Hybrid'

An extremely reliable cylindrical hybrid carrot that will grow to a good long length.


Carrot 'Majestic Red'

An Australian-bred variety. Has excellent colour, flavour and adapts to most climatic regions. Very crunchy!


Carrot 'Manchester Table'

Easily grown to 20cm in length, these cylindrical carrots are popular for their crisp, sweet, deep orange flesh.


Carrot 'Topweight'

The most popular of all carrots.  Vigorous growing with long fleshy red roots.  Rich in vitamins.


Pumpkin 'Buttercup'

Faster maturing than most pumpkins. Buttercup has a sweet, nutty flavour and relatively dry flesh.


Pumpkin 'Butternut'

Bold, chunky, orange flesh with a nutty flavour and small seed cavity.  Hardy reliable variety, with heavy crop of 1-2kg size fruit.


Pumpkin 'Golden Nugget'

Is the ideal pumpkin to grow in limited spaces. The bush produces a good crop of medium-sized orange fruit of excellent flavour.


Pumpkin 'Hybrid Grey Crown'

A new generation!  Medium size, uniform shape.  A thin skin and small seed cavity provides plenty of solid orange flesh that is exceptionally sweet.


Pumpkin 'Queensland Blue'

Blue-grey ribbed skin surrounds rich orange flesh.  Firm and reliable.  Sweet and dry.  Can be stored for 5-6 months.


Rockmelon 'Hales Best'

Bears lush, fleshy, sweet flavoured fruit. Easy-to-grow and ideal with ice-cream or in fruit salads.


Seed Tapes - Carrot 'Baby'

A petite superbly crisp and sweet variety.  Rich in vitamins and carotene.  Quick to grow.


Silverbeet - Bright Lights

Produces vibrant coloured stems in gold, pink, orange, purple, red and white.


Sweet Corn 'Early Chief'

Produces large cobs carrying sweet, golden yellow kernels in even rows. A delicious addition to most meals.


Sweet Corn 'Honeysweet' Small

An early maturing variety of the new "Super Sweets".  Large, even cobs with extremely sweet golden kernels.  Very easy to grow.


Sweet Corn 'Sun 'n' Snow'

Produces cobs with yellow and white kernels that combine superb flavour with rich, succulent super sweetness. Very easy to grow.


Zucchini ‘Solar Flare’ Hybrid

This reliable F1 hybrid produces heavy crops of bright golden yellow zucchini - ideal to add colour and visual flair to dishes.