Urban Gourmet Salad Greens Fusion

YATES FUSION SERIES is a new technology whereby 3-5 seeds, of different species or varieties, are bonded together into a small pellet, using very fine clay. Seeds germinate simultaneously, producing a fantastic ‘fusion’ of foliage and/or flowers, which lasts an entire season.

Urban Gourmet Salad Greens contains a delicious and attractive mix of coloured lettuces with a range of different leaf shapes and textures.


Sow pellets directly into pots filled with YATES Premium Potting Mix, or into garden beds. Sow pellets 5mm deep: 3 pellets per 30cm diameter pot; 5 pellets per 45cm diameter pot. Place pots in a sheltered spot and move into a sunny or lightly shaded position after germination. Water well to help pellets disintegrate and allow seeds to germinate. DO NOT thin seedlings once germinated.


Keep potting mix (or soil) evenly moist until seeds have germinated in 5 – 10 days. Liquid feed weekly with Yates Thrive All Purpose Plant Food once seedlings are well established.


Once plants reach about 5cm high, snip salad leaves frequently to promote fresh, new growth. Avoid sowing in high temperatures or sow in a cool, shady area during warmer months.