After extensive research & development, Yates is excited to offer a 1st to market, glyphosate-free systemic weedkiller. Yates Zero Triple Strike was created as an effective weed control solution for home gardeners who prefer not to use glyphosate-based products.

Yates Zero Triple Strike® Weedkiller is a systemic weed control product that penetrates the weed, accelerates cell disruption and terminates right down to the roots.

Yates Zero Triple Strike® Weedkiller Concentrate will control many weed species and is non-selective. Results are seen as browning and wilting, leading to plant death.

The new easy measuring and dosing bottle helps to minimise contact with the formulation. The measuring chamber positioned at the top of the bottle makes it easy to measure out the required dose. When the bottle is opened, the dosing mechanism only dispenses the measured amount, and prevents more liquid from coming out of the bottle. The measuring chamber also allows the formulation to return to the main bottle if over-filled.


  • Glyphosate-free, 1st to market technology
  • 24 hour action*
  • New, easy, and safe measuring and dosing bottle
  • Non-selective, kills both broadleaf and grass weeds
  • Systemic action kills weeds, roots and all

*Visible results can take longer than 24 hours on certain tough weeds or weeds in shaded conditions.

EPA Approval No. HSR101557. See for approval controls.



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