Vegie Growing Challenge Tips

The Yates Spring Vegie growing Challenge began in 2010 and quickly developed into a wonderful community of gardeners sharing daily trials and successes that come with getting a vegetable garden going in the midst of spring weather.  It is due to this incredibly supportive community that the Vegie Growing Challenge has just completed its 12th season! 

And as always Yates has been supportive and generous as it provides this fabulous platform for all gardeners of all levels of experience with gardens of all sizes from the tiny to the enormous, to grow and develop as well as the opportunity to win great prizes.

We are looking forward to another wonderful season gardening alongside some inspiring Kiwi gardeners.  So watch this space.

How to Join

  • The first step is to join the Yates Garden Club if you haven’t already. just click HERE, and then click the "Join / Sign in" green button and you will be able to start sharing straight away. 
  • Then head over to the ‘My Blogs’ box near the top right of the screen
  • Next begin to compete by posting regular blogs, photos, and comments about your gardening journey.


  • We appreciate there is always a lot going on in gardens, however the photo upload is limited to 1 picture per post at 2 MB max


  • The comments section adds a wonderful ability to reach out and connect with the other gardeners. A message of support or some friendly advice can enhance your gardening journey and enjoyment of the challenge.  We encourage active use of the comments section, so reach out and make some new friends.
  • The comment section requires you to sign into the Disqus program so you will need to sign into this as well in order to make comments. You can sign in via email, Facebook or other options.  If you have problems signing in let us know and we can help you out. The best way to reach out is to comment on Sarah the Gardener’s latest post.


Sometimes things go wrong in the garden or in the community and you may need some help. 

  • If you experience something that isn’t working as it should let us know straight away by commenting on Sarah the Gardener’s most recent post, us the ‘Contact Us’ link on the bottom right of the page or send a message on the Yates NZ Facebook page and we will help you out as soon as we can.