100 days - where has it gone?!


Date:10 Dec 2021

Blog Type:Vegetables, Flowers

Firstly, it’s been wonderful ‘meeting’ all you other gardeners - you’re such a lovely community to be a part of and I feel like I could have any of you over for dinner and we would be able to talk like old friends. 

I’ve really enjoyed this year learning from others and having the motivation to continually get out in the garden - which has been even better seeing the reward of then being able to give our little one some of his first foods straight from the garden - and most meals has some garden element! 


As this competition finishes up, the Sunflower competition I run for my area is ramping up with now over 250 people in our facebook group and more on our email list - if anyone would like to run a competition for their area, I’m very happy to pass on what I do - we’re in our 3rd year now and it truly is so much fun! 


So enjoy all your sunflowers, fruit, vegetables, berries and whānau time this summer holds, I loo forward to seeing progress updates and hopefully will ‘see’ you again next spring!

100 days - where has it gone?!