Date:08 Nov 2021

Blog Type:Vegetables

Everything ripped out of the new bed, new soil and amendments added ready for tomatoes. I promise no-one has been buried. ;-o although there are a couple of christmas lillies that are standing at the end like a tombstone.


The strawberry bed is producing a handful each day.... never have I achieved this before! So happy. The bird netting that I have fixed to the garden edge seems to be the secret.


Bean frames are ready for the next lot of beans just showing through in the seedling plugs. The final lot I hope to direct sow in early December.


Garlic bed has been weeded - love how it smells so garlicy when you are weeding - checked a bulb, but it wasn't very big - I planted them quite late, so I am hoping they just need more time in the ground…. but I could have overcrowded this bed … oops.


I don't have the heart to pull out the clump of Poppies in the middle of the path, they are just starting to flower.