A little much onion


Date:25 Oct 2021

Blog Type:Mini Challenge - GROW TO GIVE, Vegetables

Growing to give - I think this is a natural and really great part of gardening. Growing food allows you to always have a gift for family, friends, neighbours and even strangers.

Anything in excess is good to give away, especially when most produce doesn't store well. There's nothing worse than harvesting a crop, only to have it go bad in storage.

I like to give away seedlings as well, particularly things like lettuce where you end up with far too many.

The red onions don't store well, so I'm going to be giving some away. Not sure that my onions are the best though- they have such fat necks on them. Appartently this is due to too much nitrogen? Will have to avoid giving them worm wee next year.


A little much onion