Date:02 Sep 2021

Blog Type:Mini Challenge - Meet the Neighbours

In my excitement about joining the challenge community again, I completely left out some details yesterday.

I live in the Wairarapa, just north of Martinborough, with my husband Tim, and 19 year old autistic daughter Maddie. We moved from Wellington nearly 5 years ago to have enough space for Mads and her horses and me to have a decent go at growing vegetables.

The garden has had several iterations in those 5 years, as I attempted to figure out how to apply my permaculture learning, and deal with compacted clay soils. This winter, with some studying of Sarah the Gardeners amazing garden on her blog - I decided I needed more order, so I have slowly been building seperated garden beds and alot more wood chip paths.

This has helped me try to work out complicated bed rotation ideas, remembering what I have put where, and seperate the perenials from the annuals. The plan is for alot more flowers and some small fruit trees intergrated into the garden as well. I still have more beds to build as you can see by the sticks laid on the ground.

What I love about this challenge is the motivation of seeing what everyone else is up to, and how the gardens all develop - big and small. 

Happy gardening everyone, I am looking forward to following your journey.