A sad day for flower growers

Gardener:The flower lady

Date:17 Sep 2021

Blog Type:Vegetables, Flowers

Well I had every intention of a bright and brezzy post about being excited to be going to the farmers market tomorrow , and the zinnias , dahlias and strawflowers and lambs ear I potted on  I potted on , But because of the goverments decision towards flower growers selling under level 4 is a no has put a shitty cloud above , I sure hope this lockdown stuff does not have to happen often , I am just starting out really and I have never ever been treated so well by some of the best human beings as I have in the flower growing world and my heart hurts for every grower that has had to work very hard to harvest throw away and have nothing coming in from that .

But as I love what I do I will keep doing it so tips for potting on

Always soak your seeds first just water is good seaweed tonis is even better 

I know its exciting but do wait for the second of set of leaves at least , this will give your seedling a much better survival rate .

Good time to recheck for slugs and snails if your anything like me you have had to move so many things around and accidently bring even one snail in to your seedling zone can be catastrohic .

Happy garden and remember to enjoy some flowers everyday .

A sad day for flower growers