A Sneaky Surprise


Date:22 Oct 2021

Blog Type:Vegetables

always appreciate when people put time and effort into their front yards or verges. While being on maternity leave I have done a lot of walking which has had the added bonus of meeting the neighbours who have created these little pieces of beauty!


One neighbour I met gave me a tour of their impressive backyard, and as we got talking I ended up inviting them back to my place to see our garden and meet our chooks.


In their garden, I had been impressed at their asparagus hedge (It was the time of year when the ferns were about to die), and while in my garden they noticed that asparagus was something I didn’t have - so back to their garden it was to dig out a few plants to bring back home - while it wasn’t completely the correct time of year, we thought we would just give it a go… 


I then had heard people say their asparagus was popping up - no such luck for ours, I then carefully dug around where I knew a plant was, and nothing was there - I had decided that I must have planted them too deeply and when I next saw the neighbour have to confess that they were no more… however at least we had a good crop of coriander which I had planted around the asparagus plants as I had read they were good companions...




I enjoy giving our little one new experiences, and we’re coriander lovers so we visit our coriander patch quite regularly for him to run his hands through it and sometimes put it in his mouth - today I decided since it’s beginning to go to flower, I would give him a ‘full body experience’ and sit him in it...I was watching him enjoy this new experience when suddenly his hand went down to stabilise himself and came up with an asparagus spear!!!! We have lift off!! 


I then had a search around in the coriander and it looks like at least 3 of the 6 plants survived - now I’ll have to be more careful when I’m picking the coriander so I don’t disturb the new shoots as they need a few years to establish themselves before we can actually harvest then.


And the one that was mistakenly picked? 

It was enjoyed lightly cooked on the BBQ with a drizzle of olive oil - so tiny but so delicious!

A Sneaky Surprise