A very busy weekend

Gardener:Ev in the South

Date:19 Sep 2021

Blog Type:Vegetables

It's been a busy weekend and all three of us, my partner, myself, and Ronald the cat spent all our time in the garden. I've sown the second succession of root crops and planted out kimchi and cauliflowers, my partner cleared the space for potatoes and the cat helped by walking all over the freshly sown carrots and beetroot.

I’ve also transplanted more plants into larger pots, before being planted outside in November. All my runner beans and tomatoes are now transplanted. Still waiting on the cucurbits to show up - about 1/3 of all seeds have germinated (I've planted about 30 pumpkins and zucchinis). I’m assuming its colder inside this year, as last year these seeds did way better. Has anyone noticed a big change in pumpkin seed viability after just one year of storage?

We’ve added blueberries to our bagged berry collection, which already had raspberries and boysenberries. They are Powder Blue and Ocean Blue rabbiteye blueberries. It took a bit of time to make the right soil mix for them, fortunately I’ve found some acidic soil and compost I could use (most of our soil is neutral due to wood ashes). I hope to one day plant all our berries into their permanent place, but until then this little berry garden will stay in bags.

A very busy weekend