Adventures with seeds


Date:26 Oct 2021

Blog Type:Mini Challenge - GROW TO GIVE

As my raised gardens out the back are currently home to wild flowers...thanks to me not realizing they self seeded! And I'm now hiring a beehive so happy to leave them there, I have 2 mobile raised garden things which I'm attempting to grow veges and herbs from seed in.

I have joined the grow to give as I think it's an awesome idea. I've not received the seeds yet but as I'm currently growing tomato, radishes (yuck! But partner loves them!), lettuce, onion, chilli, corriander, basil, dill and edible flowers, I'm sure I'll have things to give away. 

They look quite crowded in their wee houses at the moment...but my plan is to transplant tomato, chilli and basil to pots. Maybe the onions too.

After 10days every thing has sprouted to some degree so I'm pretty proud of myself. I think in the weekend I might sow more lettuce and gross radishes to keep us topped up. 

I love going out each day and seeing what they're up to. I've attempted to attach a pic but can't get it to find any..maybe next time!

Adventures with seeds