All about the greens!


Date:07 Nov 2021

Blog Type:Vegetables

I'm absolutely loving this greens time of year!! Kale, lettuce, summer spinach, strawberry spinach, grow spinach (can you tell we like spinach??), tarragon, parsley and some calendula and borage thrown in for good measure.


All went into a salad and potato patties for a bbq last night - yum!! Fresh is certainly best!


I also find this time of year tricky as I see others with tomato plants already the size of trees and mine are still waiting to be transplanted over Canterbury anniversary weekend  (next weekend!!) - so it’s hard not to compare and be jealous, but then I remind myself that I’m growing for my health and my families health, I am growing because it’s my hobby, I’m growing because I find being outside is life-giving, I grow because I love sharing knowledge and produce with others - then I stop comparing and am able to really enjoy all that I have!

All about the greens!