All in perception


Date:25 Nov 2021

Blog Type:Vegetables, Flowers

This morning I was looking after our friend’s 4 year old, we had a lovely time in the garden, then at morning tea she suddenly went very quiet looking outside to then proclaim “Your garden is a mess!”


I was a little taken aback  - I know there are more weeds than I would like, but it’s not that bad! But before defending my garden I decided I better ask her a question “What do you mean by that?”


She replied after gazing outside again saying “Well you have trees there, there and there (pointing), flowers are there and there (pointing) and you even have different vegetables all mixed together!”


I then asked if it was ok to have a messy garden which she replied she wasn’t sure if it was ok, but a good garden is like hers and has 2 trees and a rose bush (I’m not sure where she got this from as it’s not what her garden is like!).


It was a good conversation to have though - I have a friend of my neighbours popping over in the weekend to see my garden and talk about getting set up as they’re about to move house and want to do something similar to me - I had been thinking ‘ahh I’m not ready to show my garden, there are weeds, things to still be planted, more mulching to be done, more feeding to be done…’ but with the convo with a 4 year old it reminded me that everyone sees things differently, and it actually doesn’t matter what others think!


All in perception