And they keep growing!


Date:11 Nov 2021

Blog Type:Vegetables, Flowers

The seeds must be adults now! The smell of dill when I open the 'tent' door is beautiful!

My yates seeds arrived yesterday...beetroot. yum! Long weekend here so will plant that and peas. Plus next round of seeds already planted.

Tomato seeds growing well...will move to pots. Not sure when though.

Our resident thrush bird AKA Mr leopard bird has been feasting on snails. He smashes them on pavers by outdoor seating. Makes a lot of racket and mess.

Aphids are out...can't stand them! Planning on pulling out some borage that looks poorly this weekend. I discovered it self seeds well so I'm not expecting gsps for long.

Bees are keeping busy. Time waster watching them but it's fascinating! Worm farm going well. More worms everytime I poke about. 

Til next week, happy gardening!

And they keep growing!