Another long weekend

Gardener:Sarah the Gardener from Yates

Date:09 Feb 2021

Blog Type:Vegetables

All these long weekends have completely thrown me, and I don’t know what day I’m in half the time.  So, this update is a couple of days late.  But now the kids are back at school and there are no more holidays on the horizon until Easter then we can settle into a proper routine and recapture some normality. 

In my kitchen garden I’m trying to come up with 1001 ways to use the UFO’s as I keep missing them while they are tiny.  I blink and they turn into monsters!  As much as I love them, they may just be a little too prolific for me and my non zucchini loving family!  But it is great to try everything once because you will never know – you might find a new favorite that gets a permanent place in my garden. My favourite zucchini has to be the Solar Flare as its colour is so bright and cheerful and it tastes great too!  And importantly it is easy to spot therefore easy to avoid marrows!

Now is a good time to reflect on decisions like these and take notes on what grew well and what didn’t and what you liked to eat and what you didn’t.  What grew well isn’t necessarily what you liked to eat, so just because it grew well doesn’t mean you have to grow it again! 

Make sure your notes end up somewhere you will find in the spring.  It is very tempting to sow seeds that are in your collection because they are there, and then it isn’t until the harvest starts to come in that you remember why you weren’t going to grow it again.   Better still, go through your seed collection now and remove them – give them away, to remove the risk of growing them again.

A good garden is always evolving and improving, guided by the hand of experience. 

Have fabulous short week in the garden.

Happy Gardening.

Sarah the Gardener : o)

Photo:  I ended up making a dozen jars of UFO relish with still more UFOs in the basket to be used in some way!  : o)

Another long weekend