Attack of the birds! And aphids, whiteflies and caterpillars…


Date:03 Nov 2021

Blog Type:Vegetables

When I first planted the kale as seedlings the sparrows stripped them right back to stalks.  I was worried that they wouldn't recover, but the husband came to the rescue!  He built me some super basic framing out of left over timber and I threw some bird netting over the top. Its worked so well that we have already had some great harvests from the kale. Although when I checked on them today I found aphids, whitefly and caterpillars had taken up residence when I wasn't looking. I know its November already but the amount of pests around already seems crazy..  Anyway I got them cleaned up and sorted out quickly and easily so its all good.  

The pak choy is almost ready to eat and the Wong bok has grown so much already (super looking for to that maturing, it's one of my favourites). In the back you can see the wool liner that comes in the My Food Bag chiller bags lying on the garden. They are great for germinating seeds in situ if you haven't tried them already. Just waste the seeds in, pop them over the top and wait. I have had the best success in germinating carrots  that I have ever had with these because the keep the soil a much more moist and consistent temperature for long periods of time. They also protect them from birds nosing around if you don't have netting up. Just don't forget to check it daily for germinating seeds like I did with the radishes.. oops.

Due to the success of the first frame, the husband was quickly comissioned to produce some more for different spots around the garden. This includes some two metre beasts for some monster inderterminate tomatoes I'm growing this year..  Fingers crossed I can do them justice...  Will pop some photos up later, when my tomatoes at least partially fill them!

Attack of the birds! And aphids, whiteflies and caterpillars…