Autumn blues


Date:11 May 2021

Blog Type:Vegetables

These last few weeks I have hit the stage of not wanting to garden. It happens every year to me, about this time. The summer veges are almost done, and the growth of the autumn and winter produce slows down. It is getting colder and darker earlier in the evenings. 

But yesterday I dragged my sorry self outside, as I'm behind in every job possible in the garden. And it made me feel good! The sun was out, and actually had some warmth in it haha! 

I managed to get pea straw spread out on half the gardens, before having to do the kids pick - ups. The peastraw will help keep the soil warmer, as well as keeping the weeds down and protecting the soil from the harsh weather. 

It poured down today and was bitter cold so I never got the gardens completed, but tomorrow's looking better.

Fingers crossed I have my gardening mojo back!

Autumn blues