Babies are leaving home


Date:19 Oct 2021

Blog Type:Mini Challenge - GROW TO GIVE

I always grow way too many seeds because a packet of seeds is so cheap and I know the extras will always find homes with friends and family. 
but when more than fifty butter crunch lettuce seeds came up I had more than we all could use but as most gardeners know we can't bear to just throw good seedlings away. 

so I potted them up gave them to friends and family then offered them up locally. Soon a lovely lady with a young family came and grabbed them. so now they have gone to their new home along with a spare capsicum plant and everyone wins. 

Its great because when I saw a gardener offering a free rhubarb plant I was thrilled now I have paid it forward. 

Of course I still have many more plants that will eventually Will find new homes as I only have room for so many tomatoes and capsicums. 

Babies are leaving home