Baby it’s cold outside

Gardener:Ev in the South

Date:04 Sep 2021

Blog Type:Vegetables, Flowers

I’ve learnt last season that vegies take longer to grow in Dunedin than what is stated on the packet. A Romanesco (and other large brassica) seem to take over half a year to mature. Onions, according to my awesome 90-year-old neighbour and gardening guru, are grown over two seasons. Heat loving vegies are tricky if you don’t have a glasshouse etc.

So this year I got started early. Planning to plant most seeds in September (I’ve planted heat loving vegies in Oct last year), I got so excited that I’ve planted them in late August… Anyhow, now I have a bit of time to spare to sow the outdoor things like beetroot, carrots and greens. Meanwhile many seedlings will need to be uplifted into bigger pots as they have to wait until Nov to be planted out. It’s a bit of an operation.

This weekend is spent preparing pumpkin and tomato beds and sowing all sorts of vegies. Apart from our staple root crops (beets, parsnip, carrots, turnips, swedes) – Daikon proved a popular and hilarious Xmas stocking stuffing last year (we grew them very, very large) so we’ve put these in today. Clearly, this is serious business!

Indoor seedlings are slowly taking over the living space, a photo is of one lot of them. There have been some minor miscalculations – I’ve ended up with over 30 sunflower seedlings instead of a dozen, for example. We are renting and our gardening space is limited so hoping for a Level 2 before they have to be planted out so that I can give some away at uni.

Baby it’s cold outside