Back in my happy place


Date:15 Sep 2021

Blog Type:Vegetables

I've been feeling a bit meh the past few days, but boy do I feel better that I've spent the whole morning in the garden, it really is my happy place.

After all that rain the gardens have actually dried out pretty well, so I got stuck into some more seed sowing.

I have sown some Yates Bullsblood, super king and golden beetroot, Yates baby leaf spinach, a local nursery's  own parsnip seed (excited to see how that goes), and one row of each - rainbow carrots, Yates top weight carrots and Yates egmont gold carrots. It feels so good to get those in finally!

Before sowing the carrots I moved the peastraw back, and got out my garden sieve and very roughy sifted the soil. After that I added a little sand (picture is of before this step), to give the soil some more aeration and try and make my carrots grow straight, as they don't like a heavy soil. Although we don't mind wonkey carrots in this house, they still taste the same. On that note, if we have to buy any vegetables from the supermarket, we see what is in the 'Odd Bunch' selection at Countdown first.

I hope everybody else has got to spend time in their gardens lately, as it's so good for the soul :)


Back in my happy place