Date:30 Oct 2021

Blog Type:Vegetables

I love tall plants and structures in the veggie garden. Which is madness given the wind that we can get here in the Wairarapa. This year I am trying a new approach with some metal stakes hammered into the middle of my bean tepees and then bamboo stakes all attached to this central stake.


I looked at some fancy wooden and metal frames, but as I need 8 frames for all the beans I want to grow, this was quite cost prohibitive. 


Now I need to take the sabre saw down to the bamboo clump and cut myself more poles for the next lot of beans. The first lot (Blue lake runner) are planted out … I couldn’t wait, so I just moved the cut lupin to one side, and sprinkled around plenty of egg shells to deter the snails.


I really hope these tepees won't blow over this year.... they have every other year.