Beans & Peas....

Gardener:Gardening with the Dillons

Date:29 Sep 2021

Blog Type:Vegetables

What's not to love about Beans and Peas!  Relatively easy to grow, and generally a well loved vegetable so I know for our family everyone will eat them!  That's my first general rule with our veggie garden - grow what we'll eat.... There's some exceptions when I discover something a little quirky to grow from time to time

My kids eat most vegetables, but some not as enthusiastically as others - like broccoli - my daughter eats the 'leaves' off the the little trees', but not the stalk ... She's eating it, in her way, so its a win! 

Peas are certainly one that takes off early spring for me in Wellington, and ends early summer, and if I'm lucky I can get another run early autumn when it cools down again.  I also grow a couple of plants just for pea-shoots for salads - they're just delicious, especially young!   In another week or two I'll sow more Peas (direct) to hopefully continue the growth to get us good pickings for Christmas  and see how long I can keep these babies going!   I'm growing Alderman Tall climbing peas and Goliath Snow Peas on one trellis. These two varieties are favourites of mine - and oh so sweet!!

Beans also a winner in our Wellington garden, they're certainly loving the trellis more than the greenhouse, so I'll note this in the journal for next year, as this is earlier than I've tried before. Pests so far seem to be leaving them alone too hurrah! As we can't use anything that's harmful to pets - given Chief-the-Thief eats everything! I don't mind sharing our garden a little with critters!

What's planted out currently is Neekar Golden Runner. So far so good! In the Greenhouse I have Yard Long Runner, and what was given by a friend and called 'The Best Beans Ever'. I've never grown Yard Long - but very excited as they get crazy long and you pick at about 40cm but they can grow to a metre long (which we'll do with a few for some fun! The kiddos will love that - and I'm a bit of a big kid too!

Beans & Peas....